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Getting your business on the internet with minimum hassle and maximum impact is what we do best. Your needs will be met every step of the way, while we cater a package to suit your budget.

The eelzee team won't disappear once your website is finished. The service you have come to appreciate during the building of your website will continue as long as you require. We are here to be your mentor throughout your entire internet experience.

the eelzee website

Yes we agree itís odd that a company developing websites has only one page. But we will deliver you more soon! At the moment we are so busy focusing on our clients and the production of their websites we have had to put our own on hold.

In the meantime, if you are looking for an "in demand" team to deliver you an extraordinary site with outstanding service along the way, please let us know.


Our current client list includes businesses & organizations from Canada, USA & Australia, but we are happy to help anyone, anywhere!

Let us take the time you deserve to explain how eelzee can connect you to the thousands of potential customers surfing the internet right now.